As Above, So Below


I have decided to write over here on my website as a continuation of years of notetaking on Microsoft OneNote. In doing so, my aim so to reorganise my notes in a way that would represent and further my work as well as my pursuit of personal growth. Additionally, I hope this medium would communicate with those outside my circle of acquaintances and to broaden my network.

My plan for the website, at this stage, is to write about the following topics:

It has been quite a journey so far. The realisations. The disillusionments. Yet, I feel the need to explain my journey, since it has not been a straighforward one. Careers that go according to plan, are great in my opinion. With more certainty, they get one ahead earlier in life. On the contrary, however, unorthodox paths shape a person to be become unusually persistent and strong. I like to think of myself one such survivor. Let's see if that idea holds. So here is my story.

Education and Work
  1. Information Overload: On Being Young and Having Too Many Choices
  2. Will Your Mother Tongue Get You There?
  3. Imperfection: Why Your Perfect Idea Is Doomed To Fail
  4. Finding an Investor: When and How To Go In
  5. Perseverence: The Second Most Important Factor of Success
Personal Growth
  1. Empathy: The Basics, Before You Walk The Walk
  2. On Sadness
  3. Growth Mindset: Be Like Water
  4. Rethinking Religion: Either Way, Do It With Principles
  5. Thinking Over Feeling: Don't Misconstrue My Silence
  6. As Above, So Below: The Ultimate Realisation?